Tufted duck and white goose – progress so far

Oh how I do seem to like to challenge myself! If I ever do water again it will be a completely flat and calm mill pond… For this Tufted Duck the majority of the work is in the water, not the little ducky himself (or herself). There are four layers already and probably another four

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

We went on yet another lovely walk around Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire this weekend, amidst the intermittent rain and hail showers, interspersed with sunshine. Swans always offer great photo opportunities for impressive yet painterly reflections in the water. I love this place. We just take the dog and ourselves, no mobile phones, just the camera

Creative Greenhouse Exhibition at Rufford Country Park

Well, here goes. I handed my work in on Friday, exhausted from too many late nights toiling over my work bench. If it wasn’t for the 59th minute of the 11th hour and all that…. I thought I had given myself enough time and had planned in the time to let the prints dry…I just

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