Roll up, roll up……all the fun of the (print) fairs

And on to this weekend. I will have a stand at Sheffield Print Fair, at the Millennium Gallery. I am so excited and a teeny bit nervous into┬áthe bargain. Some of my favourite printmakers will be there and it will be lovely to meet them, while wondering what on earth I am doing there! Well, they did let me in…

SPF LOGO final

I had a lovely time last Saturday at Dot Spread Print Fair in Leeds. It was probably the most low budget fair I have done, and the first one in a room off a bar where bands play, but I managed to make some good sales so it was certainly worth it! Everyone was lovely and they had a DJ playing awesome music, with real vinyl…you know, those round black things with grooves where sound comes out of. I confess that I danced quite a lot of the day. I made a little video and you can see it here.





Sheffield Print Fair – 14th November 2015

I met the very lovely James Green whilst at Art in the (Botanical) Gardens in Sheffield a couple of months ago. We got chatting and he told me about the Sheffield Print Fair (that he helps to run) and said that I should apply. So I did, and I got in! And, they have placed one of my images at the top of their promotion for this event. Am I ever a happy bunny! Click here to see their post about the event and a list of all the other amazing printmakers.

This is my first ever fair so I am preparing like a woman possessed. Trying to think of everything I might need…and doing some new work as well. I am very excited about it but also a complete nervous wreck!!