Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

We came across this delightful plant centre today. No frills, no cafe, no toilets, no gift shop – just plants and compost. Really good plants at that and all at very good prices. It’s a lovely family run place called Shirley’s. Shirley herself is an incredibly fit and healthy woman with the clearest eyes and

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

I thought I would interpret this week’s challenge from the perspective of early life forms beginning to emerge. Here is a baby newt that my husband found in our garden – this little thing on the threshold of a hopefully happy life in our pond: Spring has finally sprung and so has┬áthe Magnolia Stellata. These

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

I couldn’t think what to post for this week’s challenge, then I realised that I see these two buildings every day… An abandoned bungalow in my village, it looks so sad. And this delightful edifice is what I can see outside my window while I am at work. I have looked at this building for

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