My little chickens

While working on three other new prints I am also doing two of my chickens. I’m hoping to get a feel of a woodcut with these, with just a black key block, the white¬†of the paper and a reddish brown mid tone – kind of a chiaroscuro effect, I think…well, maybe not quite that dramatic.





Almost there with the Goat (Pussy) Willow print

Had a bit of a hiatus from printing lately, too many other things on…rescuing chickens being just one of them! But that’s another story…

Back to the willow print and I’ve been testing blue after blue to get the one I thought I wanted. Almost there but still can’t decide between the more turquoise colour or the more teal colour. This is the problem I have when doing a multi block print, I can never make my mind up! When I do a reduction print I just have to make a decision and go for it. I guess I could do a small edition of both?


First rough proofs of Goat Willow


Well, now I know why I do reduction prints most of the time… Although this is looking as I had hoped it would so far, I always forget how much more faffing and cutting and re proofing I need to do when doing a multi block print! I keep telling myself that it will be worth it in the end and at least I can experiment with colours, which I can’t do so much with a reduction. It’s all part of the process though and I have discovered an easier way of offsetting the key block onto the other blocks, one of the many things I have learnt today!


New work in progress – with hand carved text!

Finally I have time to start a new print. I got this goat willow (or pussy willow) in a bunch of flowers a few weeks ago and I couldn’t resist drawing it…in my beautiful new sketchbook. I bought this lovely handmade book from Richard Shimmel, a fellow lino artist, who has used some of his extra prints to cover these books. They are beautifully made and a joy to use.

I wanted to do something that would look like a bookplate from an old botanical book. I had an idea about the kind of typeface I wanted so searched the internet and found this one. It’s called Matador and it’s just what I had in mind.

Here is the start of the tracing process. For a change this is going to be a multi block print, which is a bit out of my comfort zone as I really do prefer to do reduction prints! Once I’ve carved this key block I will offset it onto the other blocks to make sure everything is in the same place.