Work in progress – Snowy wood scene

I’m currently working on a series of reduction prints of woodland scenes, taking advantage of the recent snow we have had. It’s all gone now, so no sledging for us at the moment. Boo hoo!! Also, I am printing these from dark to light instead of light to dark, something I have never tried before

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

We came across this delightful plant centre today. No frills, no cafe, no toilets, no gift shop – just plants and compost. Really good plants at that and all at very good prices. It’s a lovely family run place called Shirley’s. Shirley herself is an incredibly fit and healthy woman with the clearest eyes and

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

I thought I would interpret this week’s challenge from the perspective of early life forms beginning to emerge. Here is a baby newt that my husband found in our garden – this little thing on the threshold of a hopefully happy life in our pond: Spring has finally sprung and so has┬áthe Magnolia Stellata. These

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

What a great challenge this week. ‘Grand’ comes in many guises…. This is Thoresby Hall in Nottinghamshire – terribly ornate as well as grand. You can stay here or dine – depending on how ‘grand’ your wallet is, of course. The Palais des Papes in Avignon – imposingly grand and frankly pretty huge. The hall

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