Dried flower heads finished

After a lot of careful carving and a little procrastinating, I have finally finished this series of three dried flower heads. One of each is at the framers now and I can’t wait to see what they will look like all dolled up, so to speak. I learnt a lot in doing these, mostly that I should have planned them a little more thoroughly, with regard to each colour layer, but also that I could have been less subtle with the colours. I think I could have been a bit bolder with the contrasts, as once the darker tones were laid down, the lighter ones seem to have diminished quite a bit. That is the thing with making reduction prints – you’ve just got to trust your judgement to a certain extent, but also to learn with each print. Once it’s printed, that’s it!

Penultimate colour printed

Yes, this is taking a while.

Note to self: do one print at a time, not three. Second note to self: plan things properly, don’t tell yourself that you can keep all the information you need in your head. You can’t.

I am nearly there though, just the darkest shadows to do, but that does obviously mean more carving and the index finger on my right hand has gone a bit numb already. But then these will be done and off to the framers on Saturday. Hurrah! I will get much better photos taken when these are finished and framed. The light here is not so good, what with the incessant rain…


It’s slow, but it is progress…

I’ve been busy in my ‘day job’ so haven’t had as much time as I would like to  move along with these prints. As I am using the reduction method I am being extra careful about what I am cutting away, and that is partly what is taking me so long! These are going to be very subtle but once the darker tones are on there I think they will look more three dimensional. These are with the second colour printed so now the highlights are starting to pop out.

Dried flower heads – work in progress

I’m working on some much bigger images at the moment, from drawings I have done of some dried flower heads. The artichoke is from my mum’s  garden and the thistle from my garden. The hydrangea, well, I have to admit that I went out armed with a pair of secateurs one night while walking the dog and snipped it from a neighbour’s garden…..naughty I know, but I don’t have any on my patch. I was just helping a little with their winter pruning, officer.

These are going to be reduction prints and I am planning to do these in more of a sepia tone, echoing the actual faded and dried colours of the flower heads themselves. Although, now I have said that, I may try some bright colours too!