Well, now I have the Sheffield Print Fair and Gedling Artists Festive Fair in the bag, it’s time for the biggie this weekend. I will be at the Craft. Design. Contemporary at Nottingham Contemporary Gallery from Friday to Sunday.
I am really glad I had the chance to do two fairs previous to this one, as I had never done any before, so I had time to iron out any problems. Not that I really had any, except managing to feed myself throughout the day! I didn’t realise how tiring it is standing up all day and smiling…..and this weekend will be long days but hopefully busy!

Please do come down and see my stand and all the other wonderful makers!


Snow scene series..nearly finished

Nearly there with the series of four snow scenes. Waiting for each layer to dry is exactly like watching paint dry, or in this case, oil based ink. It takes days for each one. Each of these has at least five layers, hence the fact that I haven’t posted for a few weeks! I’m on to the last one now and am up to the third layer on that. I really hope I can get this one finished by the end of this week as I have new ideas that I want to get started on.

Here are the first three and the beginning of the last one:



Finished print of Snow Scene #1

Here it is, after much tweeking and a few extra transparent layers for the sky and the shadow at the bottom.


So now on to the next one in the series of four… This is showing the first two layers, the solid black ground with the first dark grey. I quite like this as it looks quite spooky!


Then with some background lines of trees cut out and some more foliage in the foreground, another layer of lighter grey.


Next for this one is an all in one roll of the sky and the snow, hopefully that will work!

A New Year, a new challenge

Drawing (literally) on the encouragement of Danny Gregory, I have started a month long online Awesome Art Journaling course with Koosje Koene from Amsterdam. Although I have never stopped actually drawing, it has tended to be things that I am making, working drawings really, so the chance to actually sit and look at something and attempt to draw it was a chance not to be missed.

So, here is my effort for day 1.

AAJ Day 1 - Feathers


I collect feathers whenever I find them in the woods when out with herself (my beautiful dog, Tilly). God only knows if most of them are from common or garden pigeons, but I know that some are your actual Jay’s feathers – which is weird as my hubby’s name is Jay, but he is not feathered‚Ķ.at least I have never noticed.

I am really looking forward to drawing every day for at least the next month, when the idea is that all of us ‘students’ will not be able to stop and will continue to draw all the time. Yay for that!!!

This might just be a much more Awesome January than any previous one – ever. x