on learning when to leave things alone

So, I got this far and really liked it.

beach _ sky less colours

But it turns out that I just can’t leave well alone and I felt compelled to add another grey in the sky and the last colour, the green.

beach _ sky 1

It’s not that I hate it exactly, it just actually worked without the green in the foreground.
‘Tis done now as this is a reduction print – we live and learn.

I’m new here, as Gil Scott Heron would say…

Hello to anyone who is reading this.

So, as I said, I’m new to this blogging type thing but will do what I can to make it interesting, and not to be just some rant from a middle aged woman who wants to promote her art and anything else she feels like making.

That’s kind of it at the moment, more to come when I’ve uploaded some images of what I do and what I hope some of you will like.

Have a happy Thursday!