Tilly Dog finished!

I started this print way back in October last year but had to put it aside for a while for all the fairs I was doing before xmas. Also, I wanted to take my time over this (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!), as I was quite apprehensive about how to do the ‘shine’ on such black fur. I can’t tell you how long I stared at my dog to gauge the right shade of grey/blue to use under the final very dark blue/black – she did look a bit worried at times!

Here are the process photos. I used two blocks, one for the dog and one for the background. There are three colours on each, and as they don’t overlap, drying time was quicker and there is no thick build up of ink which can make the print look quite shiny.
These are still drying, then I have to edition them. When they are done I will put them on my online shop!

(If you hover (your mouse) over the picture, the caption appears).


  1. That print is absolutely brilliant, Nancy. The composition, fur textures and floorboard graining are all superb. I am very tempted!

    Kind regards,




  2. HI Nancy Sorry I haven’t been in touch …I am loving your work.Im so please all is going so well for you. I’m just starting a new journey but need to be brave and get out there like you.

    Had offers for corporate roles but after all i’ve gone through I just can’t bring myself to go back ….although salary sounds good. I do believe things happen for a reason!

    ell done you…you’re an inspiration.

    I hope tilly is well.

    Lulu is doing great and all her puppies 2yrs & almost 1 yr are amazing….I of course kept the crazy one …perfect name … Maisey Mae Mae.…”Crazy” Maisey Mae Mae.

    Chat up soon love & xxxs jx💕


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