Cherry Blossom – work in progress

The cherry tree in my garden is bursting with flowers and buzzing with bees. I have been meaning to do a print of the blossom for years, so here are the first stages of this small print. It will join the other images in my Botanical series.

-This is the initial stage with the main block that I will reduce (on the left), which I have offset onto the second block (on the right) for the background colour.


-I’ve decided to print the flowers first then decide on the background colour later, as I still can’t make my mind up about that! It’s quite tricky to photograph this first colour as it is so pale and on very lightweight Japanese paper. I didn’t want to leave the lightest bits as white (i.e.the colour of the paper), as the blossom isn’t white, it’s a very pale pink.

First colour printed and drying! At this stage they dry in no time, which is good as I need to crack on with this edition.


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