Process of ‘Renewal’

I had been staring at this plant on my patio for weeks, thinking how I could use the image in a print. The old leaves had long died and shrivelled, with the vibrant new growth getting some early spring sunshine. My intention was to depict the cycle of nature, and death giving way to life etc. I realise that the dead fronds at the bottom do look more like roots now it’s finished, but I don’t really mind that! I think it kind of adds a different feeling to my initial idea.  (She says, in an effort to convince herself that this print has worked out…).

I finished this last weekend, or so I thought. But I still might print another dark layer on the lower half, just to get the saturation right. Then that will be it, I shall faff no more. And I will also take a much better photo of it too!

Here’s a look at the process;

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