Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

This ‘monument’ to a true companion lies about a mile from where I live. It is the most beautiful eulogy to a dog that I have ever read. I can say no more, because I cry every time I read this. Whatever you think of Lord Byron, he loved his dog.




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    1. It’s just so beautiful isn’t it Karen? I choke every time I read it. Newstead Abbey is a lovely lovely place to have on my doorstep too, and to think that Lord Byron walked those same grounds is pretty magical as well!

    1. I just think this is one of the most beautiful eulogies to a dog that was ever written. It makes me cry every single time I read it. It is literally about a mile from my house and whenever we walk our dog in the grounds of the Abbey, we always pass this memorial, whether we intend to or not. And every time, I stop to read it and cry while my husband walks away…he can’t even start reading this without welling up with tears, bless him!!!

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