Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie



Well, this is as much of me as you will see for now.

Author: Nancy Power

'Printmaker Nancy Power's work reflects the life around her. Be it a changing rural landscape, the decaying plants in her garden, or her collection of hand crafted ceramics, she finds inspiration from many sources. Deliberately eclectic in subject matter, her work is harmonised by her colour palette and distinctive inking process. Nancy uses the reduction method of lino printmaking; carving away at just one block for each consecutive colour to reveal the final image. By inking from dark to light, as opposed to the more traditional light to dark, Nancy's work has engaging depth and colour layering.'

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie”

    1. Awh, thank you! I realised that I didn’t show the mirror to its full extent as it is actually all carved and quite purty at the top. I inherited it in the first house that me and hubby bought so it has moved with us ever since. I could clean it now and again though, I guess!!

    1. Well yes, that is very true Mrs C. This was the best I could do as I don’t have one of those forward facing cameras on my iPhone. Because I have a shite old iPhone. And I hate pictures of myself :o)

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