Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

I pulled up at work one day last year and turned around and saw this. I really thought it was a dead baby in a skip. You have to understand that I really thought this was possible, because of the location of my office. I couldn’t resist taking some shots of this life sized toddler doll, who, it has to be said, looks pretty serene and looks like he/she is looking up at the stars… It’s still a bit weird though…

Author: Nancy Power

'Printmaker Nancy Power's work reflects the life around her. Be it a changing rural landscape, the decaying plants in her garden, or her collection of hand crafted ceramics, she finds inspiration from many sources. Deliberately eclectic in subject matter, her work is harmonised by her colour palette and distinctive inking process. Nancy uses the reduction method of lino printmaking; carving away at just one block for each consecutive colour to reveal the final image. By inking from dark to light, as opposed to the more traditional light to dark, Nancy's work has engaging depth and colour layering.'

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition”

  1. Many thanks for the follow, Nancy. The toddler in the skip shots are very disturbing and especially from the angles you caught them. A David Lynch ‘film opening’ moment methinks.

  2. HA Oh god my daughter has these kind of dolls. I can hardly go into her bedroom without jumping out of my skin! Great photo’s for the topic.

    1. He he! I can imagine – I think I would be a slight nervous wreck if I had a kid with these! It did make me jump seeing this but, without meaning to paint a really rubbish picture of the small town where I work – as I said in my post, I kind of thought it could be real.
      Humungous thanks for the follow too ;o)

      1. It is a pleasure, looking forward to seeing you in my timeline as and when I get the chance to get on here šŸ™‚

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