on learning when to leave things alone

So, I got this far and really liked it.

beach _ sky less colours

But it turns out that I just can’t leave well alone and I felt compelled to add another grey in the sky and the last colour, the green.

beach _ sky 1

It’s not that I hate it exactly, it just actually worked without the green in the foreground.
‘Tis done now as this is a reduction print – we live and learn.


  1. Oh that’s a hard one! I have lately done a couple of paintings that I have left at what would be ‘half way through’ in my process because for years I have wondered if I should. But you can only have one or the other… I think they both work, but yes, there is something lovely and open in the first one.


    1. Thanks for your nice comment. Yes, sometimes it is so hard to know when to stop. If this had been a multiblock print I could have done a range of colourways and then decided which I liked best….although I would end up doing hundreds of colourways and still not being able to decide!! So, we live and learn (hopefully).
      Oh, and thank you for following me too!!


  2. Definitely, the first image is my favorite. Lessons are for a reason. But it’s not always easy to see what we need to see. Creativity is an experimentation and a process.


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