First proofs of the dried flower heads

Much as I love the cutting out part of this, I can never wait to test the blocks as soon as possible! Straight away I can see that there are a few tweeks needed and general tidying up of the backgrounds, but they do look how I had hoped, so all is good! Now to prepare the paper and make registration jigs then I can print the first colour. I’ve planned three or maybe four colours for these but I think I will keep a set with just the first colour, like these.

Dried flower heads – work in progress

I’m working on some much bigger images at the moment, from drawings I have done of some dried flower heads. The artichoke is from my mum’s ¬†garden and the thistle from my garden. The hydrangea, well, I have to admit that I went out armed with a pair of secateurs one night while walking the dog and snipped it from a neighbour’s garden…..naughty I know, but I don’t have any on my patch. I was just helping a little with their winter pruning, officer.

These are going to be reduction prints and I am planning to do these in more of a sepia tone, echoing the actual faded and dried colours of the flower heads themselves. Although, now I have said that, I may try some bright colours too!


A new name for my blog!

Hi folks,

I have changed the name and url of this blog to ‘nancy power prints’, as my previous name sounded a bit too much like a take away fast food joint. Apparently. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but I happen to be making artwork, not slapping bits of meat in a pitta bread.

Just thought I’d mention it. You should all be redirected in any case.

I will be updating the theme and appearance shortly too, so many changes afoot at casa Power.

Snow scene series..nearly finished

Nearly there with the series of four snow scenes. Waiting for each layer to dry is exactly like watching paint dry, or in this case, oil based ink. It takes days for each one. Each of these has at least five layers, hence the fact that I haven’t posted for a few weeks! I’m on to the last one now and am up to the third layer on that. I really hope I can get this one finished by the end of this week as I have new ideas that I want to get started on.

Here are the first three and the beginning of the last one: